How to Throw a Tarot Card Reading Party: Planning an Intuitive Entertainment Event for Adults

In recent years having a tarot card reading party have became more and more popular. Instead of going to the reader – drive, pay tolls, wait in traffic, park and waste your time on other thing you can have a quality reading right at your home or business! It’s much easier, convenient and in many cases – cheaper. In this post I will explain how we do it in my area but of course there can be variations and it’s completely up to the participants and what they are looking for. Here we go, enjoy:)

When throwing a tarot card reading party, it’s not unusual to have everyone chip in to pay for the cost of the psychic. To get started, first find out who would be interested in coming and how much each person could afford to contribute. Usually psychics have a set fee for a certain amount of time.

Types of Psychics and Readings

Different psychics have different abilities and different ways of doing readings. Some psychics read palms, while other read Tarot cards. There are psychics who can foretell future events and those who are able to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over. When looking for a psychic, be sure to find out what their abilities are and what their fees are.

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How to Find a Real Psychic

Of course, referrals are always the best way to go when it comes to finding a good psychic, but this is not always possible. In looking for a psychic, check to see if there are any metaphysical stores or bookstores in the area. These shops will most likely know of some reliable local psychics. An internet search might provide some results as well. Be sure to shop around and compare abilities and costs. Don’t be afraid to ask for references.

How to Avoid Psychic Scams and Get Real Psychic Advice

When looking to hire a psychic, be careful to avoid a fraudulent psychic. Any psychic who claims to be 100% accurate is a fraud. Also, avoid hiring any psychics who claim they can remove curses or make someone fall in love.

Planning a Psychic Party

Once the guest list is known and the psychic is hired, it’s time to plan the party! Consider keeping it simple and offering hor d’oeuvres and beverages. Pot lucks are also OK. Some psychics will do readings in a group setting at a psychic party and some will prefer to have a separate area in which to conduct readings.

If doing readings that require the use of Tarot cards, runes, or other psychic tools, be sure there is some type of table or desk available the psychic can use. Check with the psychic in advance to know how readings are done. If done individually in a separate area, there should be something for the other guests to do while awaiting their term.

Psychic Party Game

One fun idea is to let them try to see their own potential psychic abilities with a psychic game. The guests can try to test their ability to pick up psychic images from inanimate objects. Interested in learning how? Psychometry Experiments has information on how to do a group psychic experiment.

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Psychic Party Goodie Bags

Put a twist on a kid’s party idea. Have a tape recorder handy and hand out a goodie bag to each guest when they arrive with a blank cassette tape. When the guests have their readings, each one can record their own . Often, a lot of information comes out during a reading and people can’t always recall all of the details. This way, your guests can go back and hear their tarot readings whenever they want.

Throwing a psychic party or as we like to make it – a tarot card reading party,  is a fun and unique way to provide entertainment to guests. All that’s needed is some food, beverages, and a good psychic to amaze everyone. Hiring a psychic is also an idea for showers, birthdays, and corporate parties.